Osteopontin as a Regulator of Colorectal Cancer Progression and Its Clinical Applications (Équipe Sabbah)

08 - Août - 2021

Katyana Amilca-Seba, Michele Sabbah, Annette K. Larsen, Jerome A. Denis

Cancers (Basel) 13 (2021)

A high expression of the phosphoprotein osteopontin (OPN) has been associated with cancer progression in several tumor types, including breast cancer, hepatocarcinoma, ovarian cancer, and colorectal cancer (CRC). Interestingly, OPN is overexpressed in CRC and is associated with a poor prognosis linked to invasion and metastasis. Here, we review the regulation and functions of OPN with an emphasis on CRC. We examine how epigenetic and genetic regulators interact with the key signaling pathways involved in this disease. Then, we describe the role of OPN in cancer progression, including proliferation, survival, migration, invasion, and angiogenesis. Furthermore, we outline the interest of using OPN as a clinical biomarker, and discuss if and how osteopontin can be implemented as a routine assay in clinical laboratories for monitoring CRC patients. Finally, we discuss the use of OPN an attractive, but challenging, therapeutic target.

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