Tissue damage from neutrophil-induced oxidative stress in COVID-19 (Équipe Dorothée)

31 - Juillet - 2020

Mireille Laforge, Carole Elbim, Corinne Frere, Miryana Hemadi, Charbel Massaad, Philippe Nuss, Jean-Jacques Benoliel, Chrystel Becker

Nat Rev Immunol. 2020;20(9):515-6

The high neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio observed in critically ill patients with COVID-19 is associated with excessive levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which promote a cascade of biological events that drive pathological host responses. ROS induce tissue damage, thrombosis and red blood cell dysfunction, which contribute to COVID-19 disease severity. We suggest that free radical scavengers could be beneficial for the most vulnerable patients.

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