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Respiratory Epithelial Cells Can Remember Infection: A Proof of Concept Study (Équipe Corvol)

03 - Novembre - 2019

Jeanne Bigot, Loic Guillot, Juliette Guitard, Manon Ruffin, Harriet Corvol, Michel Chignard, Hennequin Christophe, Viviane Balloy

J Infect Dis. 2019

Human bronchial epithelial cells play a key role in airway immune homeostasis. We hypothesized that these sentinel cells can remember a previous contact with pathogen compounds and respond nonspecifically to reinfection, a phenomenon called innate immune memory. We demonstrated that their pre-exposure to Pseudomonas aeruginosa flagellin modify their inflammatory response to a second, non-related stimulus, including live pathogens or lipopolysaccharide. Using histone acetyltransferase and methyltransferase inhibitors, we showed that this phenomenon relied on epigenetic regulation. This report is a major breakthrough in the field of multi-microbial respiratory tract infections, wherein control of inflammatory exacerbations is a major therapeutic issue.

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