14/03-2022 - Mathieu HAUTEFEUILLE : La stratégie de développement d'organ-on-chip pour construire un modèle d'étude de sinusoïde hépatique fidèle

14 - Mars - 2022


Bâtiment Kourilsky - 12h–13h

Salle des Conférences (Rez de Chaussée),

184 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris


LUNDI 14 MARS 2022

La stratégie de développement d'organ-on-chip pour construire un modèle d'étude de sinusoïde hépatique fidèle


Pr Sorbonne Université - Laboratoire de Biologie du Développement - Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine

Equipe Céline PRUNIER, (Equipe Céline PRUNIER) (celine.prunier@inserm.fr)


Biomimetism is now crucial in biomedical research. Thanks to recent progress in microtechnology and materials science and engineering, it is indeed possible to reproduce natural cellular microenvironments in vitro in a controllable manner. New tools and cell culture platforms are now being developed not only to understand complex biological processes at different time and spatial scales but also to greatly improve the fidelity of all the physical cues that are responsible for the biological mechanisms under study, showing that cell signalling is also physical and not only chemical.

In order to control all these mechanical, geometrical and dynamic properties impacting biological processes in physiopathology, technology now offers to improve the quality and fidelity of cell culture platforms, enabling a recapitulation of processes happening all the time in vivo and at all scales. It is now possible to access, study and engineer the physiological microenvironment in culture, from the microscopic structural architecture of the extracellular matrix (constituting the cell-supporting adhesive layers) up to the macroscale flows and deformations impacting cells collectively at the tissue-scale to the organ size.

In this seminar, we will present some progress made towards the development of a liver-sinusoid-on-chip platform recapitulating the mechanical stimuli known to influence sinusoid cells to identify the correct conditions that will enable the maintenance of hepatic cells functional phenotype and then study liver pathologies in vitro.

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Sujet : Lundi de Saint Antoine

Heure : 14 mars 2022 11:30 AM Paris

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Code secret : 956738

Hôpital St-Antoine

Bâtiment Kourilsky
34 rue Crozatier
75012 PARIS

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