09/05-2022 - Jérémie JOFFRE : Modulation of the systemic inflammation via the endovanilloid and endocannabinoid systems

02 - Mai - 2022


Bâtiment Kourilsky - 13h–14h

Salle des Conférences (Rez de Chaussée),

184 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris


LUNDI 09 MAI 2022

Modulation of the systemic inflammation via the endovanilloid and endocannabinoid systems

Jérémie JOFFRE

MD, PhD - Cardiologie, Hôpital Saint-Antoine

invité par Equipe de Guillaume DOROTHEE, (EquipeGuillaume DOROTHEE (guillaume.dorothee@inserm.fr))


The understanding of how functional interactions between the nervous system and immune system regulate the responses to acute injury and infections is in its nascency. The endogenous vanilloid (endovanilloid) and cannabinoid (endocannabinoid) systems are known to modulate inflammation, but their immunomodulatory mechanisms remain enigmatic. Our work demonstrates that endovanilloids and endocannabinoids are regulated in the brain and circulation in early acute inflammation and that TRPV1 or CB1R activation induce drastically alleviate the pro-inflammatory response in murine models of sterile or infectious inflammatory critical illnesses. By delineating the cellular networks involved in these vanilloid and cannabinoid-triggered pathways, we unveiled a new neuro-immune reflex involving CNS-neurons and myeloid-cells and their therapeutic potential in inflammatory disorders.

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Sujet : Lundi de Saint Antoine

Heure : 9 mai 2022 12:30 PM Paris

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