Mucosa-associated microbiota dysbiosis in colitis associated cancer (Équipe Seksik/Sokol)

04 - Mars - 2018

Mathias L. Richard, Giuseppina Liguori, Bruno Lamas, Giovanni Brandi, Gregory da Costa, Thomas W. Hoffmann, Massimo Pierluigi Di Simone, Carlo Calabrese, Gilberto Poggioli, Philippe Langella, Massimo Campieri, Harry Sokol

Gut Microbes. 2018;9(2):131-42

Gut microbiota dysbiosis has been associated with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). In colorectal cancer, the gut microbiota has also been recognized as potentially involved in aggravating or favoring the tumor development. However, very little is known on the structure and role of the microbiota in colitis associated cancer (CAC), an important complication of IBD in human. Here we analyzed the bacterial and fungal composition of the mucosa associated microbiota of patients suffering CAC, sporadic cancer (SC) and of healthy subjects (HS) by barcode sequences analysis on the following cohort: 7 CAC patients, 10 SC patients and 10 HS using 16S (MiSeq) and ITS2 (pyrosequencing) sequencing, for bacteria and fungi respectively. Mucosa-associated bacterial microbiota in CAC was significantly different from the ones in SC or in HS, while the fungal showed no differences. Comparison between mucosa-associated microbiota on the tumor site or in normal mucosa near the tumor showed very similar patterns. The global mucosa-associated bacterial microbiota in cancer patients was characterized by a restriction in biodiversity but no change for the fungal community. Compared to SC, CAC was characterized by an increase of Enterobacteriacae family and Sphingomonas genus and a decrease of Fusobacterium and Ruminococcus genus. Our study confirms the alteration of the mucosa-associated bacterial microbiota in IBD and SC. Although the cohort is limited in number, this is the first evidence of the existence of an altered bacterial microbiota in CAC clearly different from the one in SC patients.

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